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I am the founder and CEO of Core, a company building software to help fitness instructors thrive in an online world. By empowering instructors to connect with their students online, we hope to match a diversity of instructor styles with the diversity of consumer needs and wants, to create a more fit and healthy world. If that's sounds interesting too you, we are hiring across sales, business development, and engineering!

Core Jobs Board
Core Jobs Board’s a Google Doc. We are moving fast on more important things than a jobs board. If that gets you excited, Core could be the place for you ;) Description The fitness industry is moving from studio-first to instructor-first and from in-person-first to virtual-first. This s...

My website is called Incremental because I believe the best way to shape yourself and the world around you is through small but relentless steps forward. I hope that by sharing this content, I can help you take a few of those steps.

10 Second Bio

To really know me, you can start with my principles

I'm an Ohioan who found his way to NYC via stops in MTL and KC

Princeton seeded my fascination with computer science

But I dropped out to play soccer in the MLS

Doubling as an engineer for the league's front office

I now help found and fund companies with AlleyCorp

And I angel invest too

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