Inspired by Will Minshew's personal constitution, I track the principles that I hold to be true. I review these on a weekly basis to keep them top of mind and hope they influence the choices I make. Feel free to critique or ask for clarifications. They are written for my comprehensibility.


measure outputs not inputs

failure comes from a failure to imagine failure

will it matter in 5 years?

how much would you pay at 80 to relive this moment?

process over outcomes

be wary of consensus

optimize for the average wednesday


praise specifically — criticize generally

incompetence over malice

be a great leader — are you trusted?

tolerant with others and strict with yourself

seek out those that are different

avoid boring people (double meaning)


meaning = finding your gift — purpose = giving it away

epitaph — a good guy, a great time, and the first person i would ask for help

would people describe you as having a twinkle in your eye

narrow and novel

be a personal monopoly

learn, build, share, repeat

create clarity and energy

internal single player over external multiplayer life games

cost of good habits is in the present and bad habits in the future


if something you’ve never done seems “easy,” or “simple,” or “obvious,” it’s not, you just don’t know why

garbage in, garbage out

everything has a crack — but thats what lets the light shine through

good things start bad — luke starkiller

don't break the flow — fbr  (fast bad wrong)

couple to the derivative

the score takes care of itself

velocity over speed

conviction compounds

compounding is powerful and unintuitive

don’t avoid pain

genius — quantity over quality – be prolific

writing – can you be more precise


don't avoid problems — continually seek the 10% of problems you want to be solving